Home Of Desi Foodz (SMC-Private) Limited

The aim and goal of “Home of Desi Foodz (SMC-Private) Limited” is to overcome the use of chemical-based food products, to promotes farmers, local community and their Organic Desi Products like Mustard oil, Sunflower oil, Canola oil, Honey and Clarified Butter. mostly organic food items in the market are chemicals based which are hazardous to health. Secondly, we also give incentives to the farmers and distributors who provide quality products to us. We collect Desi Products from them and distribute it throughout the country as no individual previously took steps to address this food purity issue.

Home of Desi Foodz provides Physical and online platform for all sort of satisfactory organic desi food items with a single click in one single place. We aim at providing pure and healthy food items for your good health with easy access. These products include Mustard Oil, Sun flower oil, Desi ghee, Pure Honey, Black, Surma, and Lemon grass. We have developed an online platform to reach out to local, national and international customers. We have active presence on our online platform, website, Daraz, OLX and social media which are the contemporary world business platforms for the entrepreneurs. A few local providers in market who provides pure and organic desi food products. We are the only who provides Bundle of guaranteed pure organic desi food single place. There are few providers in market, who provides 100% pure organic desi food item, some of them are selling chemical-based products, on the other hand we are the only who provides guaranteed pure and organic desi food items. company are stepping forward to provide healthy local food products to consumer at the doorstep with a single click as well physical Franchises, local market and stores e.g., Mustard oil, Sunflower oil, Honey, Desi Ghee, Surma and Lemon grass etc. (currently we are working on 5 products soon will be added more 6 products in company product list). We providing 100% percent pure organic desi products to customers (B2B & B2C). from the day first, we deal only Mustard oil and honey, but the trust, customer demand, and product purity, we extend the products range toward 8 products till now.


“Home of Desi Foodz (SMC-Private) Limited” is a Franchises based and online ecommerce marketplace that operates to provides Organic Desi Food at doorstep. It is the leading online shopping as well physical platform, enabling users to get access to everything which you want. If you have been looking for some of the best deals and discounts on your favorite organic desi food products at affordable price within one place, then “Home of Desi Foodz” is the best solution, the company have the following features including flash deals, voucher and discounts at special day and much more.


We are best fit and well known for this idea, company having expert team of organic products, they find out desi food items from different region of Pakistan. After collection phase the team examine the collected food items checked through expert and also using different tools and techniques. Different phases e.g., desi products identification, testing, categorization, filtering, purification, filling, sealing, packaging, labeling/stickering, after all the entire process the products is now ready to sell out in market, company having broad range of B2B and B2C customers. Company sells out in local, national and soon will be approach to display our list of products in international market.

Slogan: Purity Guaranteed.
Tagline: Organic Desi Food Provider.
Provider Slogan: Made by nature collect by us.
Startup Sector: Food and Beverages (Organic Desi Food and Allied Food)

What are your strengths?

We are providing guaranteed pure Organic Desi food products range at single place, with easy access and reasonable price through physical as well online outlets.

What do you have as a legal Forum/Company

Bundle of National and International, Registration, Certification and Food Laboratory Test

SECP, FBR, IPO, Trade Mark, Chamber of Commerce, ISO 22000:2018, KP-halal food, international Halal certification, Pakistan Standard, QARSHI lab and NIH lab, online and social presence etc.

What do you do better than others?

Company having broad range of organic Desi food products in single place, we are offering B2B & B2C customers access to Desi food items. Time to time company adding the most demandable food items in list of products on early bases.

What unique capabilities and resources do you possess?

We have well known expert team of collector, who collect desi food item from different region of Pakistan, along with this we are also works on those food item which are famous and best in city or region. We provide 100% percent pure desi products to customers (B2B & B2C). from the day first, we deal only Mustard oil and honey, but the trust, customer demand, and product purity we extend the products range toward 8 products.

What do others perceive as your strengths?

Our company having expert team of collector, with couple of Desi products in just single place. soon will be change the traditional system into fully automated plant with attractive packaging, online as well physical presence in different cities, soon will be open couple of franchises and warehouses.

Describe the business model of your Company?

Collect from local community and farmers, sell out in physical franchises, general stores as well online


Physical Franchises, Local market and stores etc.


Store, whole sale retailer, and companies


We are active on E-commerce, Websites, Daraz, and Social Media, which are the contemporary world business platforms for the entrepreneurs.